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Coach’s Corner

Here is some information for coaches.

New Rules 2018-2020 seasons

Please review the following memo from BC Hockey for the 2018-2020 seasons

New Rules 2018-2020

What is a game?

If it is a controlled scrimmage to evaluate players’ skills and there are no referees, clock, score, penalties issued etc., a game number would not be required. A coach or other volunteer usually drops the puck. The players are usually wearing bibs with numbers and are possibly being moved from one group to another during the scrimmage.

If after the evaluation process, a scrimmage between two teams to evaluate the balance/competitiveness of the team, or game reactions of players, a game number is always required. A minimum of two Referees is required. You would get game numbers from the League Managers listed on the PCAHA website under the leagues on the right side.

When a game number is obtained all penalties, suspensions will be strictly enforced and since it is Preseason/Exhibition, all suspensions are counted in days.

Affiliate Rule (Hockey Canada Regulation E 35a)

Please note the following adjustment to Hockey Canada Regulation E35a. This change is in effect for the current season and adjusts the limitations on the number of games an affiliated player is eligible to participate in. View BC Hockey Bulletin 2013-22-I.

The updated regulation is as follows:

35. a) A player of a team of a lower Division or category of the same club, or of an affliated team, or a specially affliated player, may affiliate to a team or teams of higher Divisions and categories at any time, a maximum of ten (10) games. However, if the player’s registered team completes its regular season and playoffs before the player’s affliated team or teams, the player may thereafter affliate an unlimited number of times. For goaltender exceptions see Regulations B.42, E.36 (b).

In summary, the following changes are now in effect:

  • The five game limit after January 10 no longer applies.
  • Affiliation guidelines are now consistent at minor, junior and senior hockey.
  • Affiliate players are now limited to ten (10) games maximum over the course of a season. The purpose of this limitation is to prevent the use of “permanent affiliates”
  • Affiliate players may not play an eleventh game until their carded team has completed their season.
  • An affiliate player who does participate in more than ten games will be deemed to be an ineligible player.
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