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Individual Team Gaming Licenses

Below are the instructions on how to obtain a gaming license for any team gaming activities – Class D license – for example, raffles, 50/50 draws etc.

  1. Please advise the
    Gaming Coordinator
    that your team is applying for a license.
  2. Please do not apply as Surrey Minor Hockey.
    Apply as your team name for example: “Surrey Minor Hockey Atom Canucks”
  3. Please forward a copy of your gaming license
    via email to Gaming Coordinator
    or by mail to Surrey Minor Hockey Association PO Box 171, Surrey, BC V3T 4W8.
  4. At the conclusion of your gaming event you are required as part of your gaming license to fill out a ‘Gaming Event Revenue Form’ please forward a copy to the Gaming Coordinator and to the Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch – Licensing and Grants Division.

Info from the Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch – Licensing and Grants Division

Gaming License Information for Sport’s Teams

Sports Teams are eligible for Class D licenses only.

The Guidelines can be found on the following website at:

Required Financial Reporting: Gaming Event Revenue Report

You are required to submit the Gaming Event Revenue Report, for each license you receive. This report is due within 90 days
after the expiration of your organization’s gaming licence.

To fill out a Gaming Event Revenue Form, please click on this link:

This form can be faxed to (250) 356-8149.

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