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Registration for 2016-2017 Season

As of the 2016-2017 season, Surrey MHA will no longer send a registration email to players from the previous season. This is in response to Canada’s anti-spam legislation (CASL). Upon registering, you have the option of accepting electronic communications from Surrey MHA for the current season or declining those communications.

Note: If you decline, it is your responsibility to contact the association with regard to any hockey event, such as prep camps, tryouts, evaluations, groupings, and so forth. You can choose to  change from “decline” to “accept” for your player by sending an email with that intent to the registrar and the secretary.

Online registration (Hockey 2 to Midget)

Online registration for returning players in Initiation through Midget will begin on May 1, 2016 until July 31, 2016. On May 1, the Hockey Canada Registration portal for Surrey Minor Hockey will be available for registration of returning players.

Please note the portal date has been extended and will remain open until July 31st for returning players only.

After July 31st, the portal will be closed to public access and you will have to contact the Registrar to register a returning player.

Returning players are encouraged to register from May 1 to June 15 to benefit from the Early Bird Rate and split payments1. In Hockey 2 through Midget, for split payments, the initial payment is 50%, with the remaining 50% being automatically charged to your credit card and/or a cheque post dated to July 1st. For the Early Bird Rate, payment must be received in full and processed by end of day June 22; otherwise, the Late Rate shall apply.

Registrations on June 16 or later will be subject to the Late Rate and may be wait-listed.

Online registration (Juvenile)

Juvenile players can register online from May 15 until July 31st. After July 31st, the portal will be closed to public access and you will have to contact the Registrar to register a returning player.

For Juvenile, there are 3 payments: initial 50%, 25% on July 15, and 25% on August 1.

General Information

When registering a returning player, ensure to provide a reliable email address and telephone number. Prior to exiting the Hockey Canada Registration portal, ensure you print your receipt. Immediately after completing the online registration, you must mail your receipt, cheque, bank draft, or money order, 2 different proofs of current address, and any other required documentation to the Registrar. The registration process is not complete until such times as the Registrar receives your receipt, documentation, AND until your payment has been received and processed.

Please send all the required registration documents and payments, if applicable, to the following address:

Attn: Registrar
Surrey Minor Hockey Association,
P.O. Box 171,
Surrey, BC,
V3T 4W8

Fair Play Code
During the registration process, players and parents will be asked to confirm that you agree to adhere to the Fair Play Codes of Conduct and the rules and regulations as set forth by Surrey Minor Hockey Association. You can view the Fair Play Code here.

NSF Cheques or Dishonoured Credit Card Payment
A dishonoured payment will be subject to an immediate $35.00 service charge per incident. (This includes Stop Payments.) The service charge and dishonoured payment must be forwarded by certified cheque or money order. Failure to resolve this situation immediately is subject to the player’s registration being suspended, and the potential of not being selected to a team.

1. Split payments are now being accepted for credit card payment or cheque. The payment is not considered complete until the funds have been processed. Bank drafts are preferred.

Prep Camp Registration

In addition to season registration, you can also register your player for a prep camp in the Hockey Canada portal. Split payments do not apply to prep camps. You will be charged for the full amount upon checkout. If paying by cheque, ensure you send the full amount with your registration payment. Spots fill up quickly so register while you can.  If you are registering for the Combo Prep Camp please print and submit your form by mail with your cheque.

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