Photo Retakes

Date: December 11, 2018
Time: 6:30pm
Location: Meeting Room (upstairs, Arena #1)
Event: PHOTO RE-TAKES (SMHA Team and Team Officials)
* Any individuals will be scheduled for photo shoot between and after the teams but you must be there no later than 6:45pm to declare
your intentions or you could miss this session, as the photographers will pack up when the photos are complete.

* The session will begin at 6:30pm
* This session will take place off-ice and all photos will be taken from the knees up, so skates and helmets are not needed.
Teams / individuals will be taken in order of their arrival
The session is only planned to take approximately 45 minutes to finish, once the 4 teams that missed photo day have been completed
Some teams are going with the jersey over their dress clothes and others will do full gear, however it’s your choice.
Those that are doing full gear can change in the hallway just outside the room and should wear everything except skates and helmet
Every person seeking re-takes will need to have an envelope filled in, even if you are just wanting the memory mate that is included with your registration.
* Please RSVP to SMHA Ice Allocator ASAP (Paul Williams at

If you missed the original Photo day session:
if you are an individual player, coach, or full team that missed photos and you want to attend, please inform our SMHA Ice Allocator (Paul Williams at
Upon receipt of your information, we will inform the photographer how many to expect, otherwise we cannot guarantee that you will be photographed
If there are any individuals that missed the original day that will be attending you will get your individual photo along with the original team photo (without you in it.) You can be added to the team photo by the magic of Photoshop but you will need to notify the photographer when you attend the re-take session and there is a $20 processing fee to have the photo insert done and you will get 4 copies of the revised team photo and an updated electronic version of the photo.
Remember this is to accommodate those teams that were away at tournaments and individuals that could not make the original time. If your team attended the original day you are not to go to retakes unless discussed in advance.** You should have received your team photo envelopes prior to the original photo day but should you need more, Darby Photos will have extras on hand or you can download your own at