Official's Corner

Surrey Minor Hockey 2021-2022 Officiating Season

New Officials

The application process for the 2021-2022 season is now open. Anyone looking to begin their officiating career, SMHA will be accepting applications from now until September 08,2021. Space in the program will be limited and a selection process will be administered.


To apply:  Please email the Referee-In-Chief at with the following information:


Full Name:

Playing Division in upcoming season:

Previous officiating experience (if any):

Contact Phone Number:

Email address:

**Once you have sent your email you will be contacted by the RIC with a confirmation email **

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Surrey Minor Hockey would like to thank you for your work and patience during the 2020-2021 season.

It has been a season like no other and moving forward we are hoping for a normal return to playing and officiating Minor Hockey in Surrey and the surrounding communities.

If you are planning on returning for the 2021-2022 season, you will need to attend a BC Hockey on-line clinic in order to be certified to officiate. Any officials who do not certify will be able to officiate games up until December 31,2021. Game assignments will be given to officials that have recertified for the 2021-2022 season.

Please review the chart below as it lists the process for officials to get certified



BC hockey realizes that many officials who certified last season did not get an opportunity to officiate any games. This is why BC Hockey has come up with a new fee structure that addresses that situation.

Please refer to the chart below regarding fees for officials to recertify. These are only for those officials that were certified for the 2020-2021 Minor Hockey Season. The regular fee structure will apply to any officials not certified last season:

Development Sessions


Surrey Minor Hockey Officiating program will be conducting development sessions through out the 2021-2022 season.This will include weekly ice sessions as well as possibly some class room sessions. These sessions are mandotory for all new officials ot SMHA. These sessions have been put in place to assist new officials in the development of officiating the games that they will be assigned through out the season.



Any Official who will be 18 years of age on or before December 31,2021 will have to get a criminal record check done to be eligible to officiate. Please follow the instructions below to complete a CRC.

  1. Copy the access code 4NX4CF5GJG
  2. Click on the link  Criminal Record Check
  3. Paste the access code in the designated area
  4. Complete the application as directed
  5. Once completed, please take a screen shot and email to Be on the lookout for an email from them as you may be directed to go into an attachment for further verification
  6. Your Criminal Record Check will be sent directly to the association


If you require any further information please contact:

Brad McKie

Surrey Minor Hockey Association

Referee-In-Chief or call 604-788-2435.

**Please note for faster response to your questions please email**




Code of Conduct

  1. I will make sure that every player has a reasonable opportunity to perform to the best of his or her ability, within the limits of the rules.
  2. I will avoid or put an end to any situation that threatens the safety of the players.
  3. I will maintain a healthy atmosphere and environment for competition.
  4. I will not permit the intimidation of any player either by word or by action. I will not tolerate unacceptable conduct toward myself, other officials, players or spectators.
  5. I will be consistent and objective in calling all infractions, regardless of my personal feelings toward a team or individual player.
  6. I will handle all conflicts firmly but with dignity.
  7. I accept my role as a teacher and role model for fair play, especially with young participants.
  8. I will be open to discussion and contact with the players before and after the game.
  9. I will remain open to constructive criticism and show respect and consideration for different points of view.
  10. I will obtain proper training and continue to upgrade my officiating skills.
  11. I will work in cooperation with coaches for the benefit of the game.




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