Dear Surrey Minor Hockey Association,

The Ronin Sharma Foundation would like to extend our reach through the hockey communities and assist those who have the passion and desire to play hockey, however, do not have the financial means to do so.

Ronin Sharma was an amazing soul that excelled in many avenues, with the strongest being his love and passion for the sport of Hockey. At the age of 2 he picked up a hockey stick and until his last day he never put it down. Ronin spent several years following playing in the Surrey Minor Hockey Association. Ronin’s dream was to play in the NHL or to receive a Division 1 scholarship for hockey and his determination and sacrifices were all leading him down that path. His dedication to the sport was immaculate, and many called it “unmatched”. Ronin spent 7 days a week playing, training, and exercising to perfect his craft. Unfortunately, he never got to see that dream through, as his journey was cut short at the young age of 16 years old.

The Ronin Sharma Foundation has been established to honour his legacy by helping others achieve their dreams. Through fundraising and hosting events such as tournaments we will provide bursaries and scholarships to individuals wanting to pursue further education. Along with this we will provide children who wish to play sports but may not have the financial means to do so, an opportunity to partake in the sport they wish to play.

This includes but not limited to registration fees, equipment, tournament or training funds, etc. 

Please see the following information in regards to our criteria for our financial aid:


1) Must provide a Confirmation of Enrollment of Post-Secondary Institution

2) Must provide a Self-Reflection Paragraph (Minimum 500 words)


– Tell us about yourself

– What are your future goals?

– Why should you be awarded a Ronin Sharma Scholarship?

The criteria that we had for these scholarships is based on three categories which reflect positively on all of these characteristics that Ronin exhibited. These categories include involvement with the community, passion and dedication to any athletic activity and furthering educational goals. We believe these are all important characteristics for the next generation to have to become a well-rounded adult, and have a successful future.

Registration Fees Guidelines:

– The child must be between the ages 5-18

– Funding is allocated to sustained programs that involve a sport(e.g., Hockey, Soccer, Basketball)

– Child must be registered into a verified Association

– You must identify how much income as a family you are making per year before taxes

– You must include a copy of your most recent notice of assessment that displays your total income for the year (Line 15000)

Gear up Equipment Funding Guidelines:

– Child must be beginning hockey for the first time with no or not have enough equipment to play

– Family must be of Low-Income Bracket

– Must include a copy of line 15000 from Notice of Assessment from the current tax year.

– Must email both the completed application and copy of the Notice of the Assessment.

If you have further questions, please contact us. Also, please visit our website at for any additional information.


Kind regards,
Natasha Sharma (Vice President)

Ronin Sharma Foundation

Office: 778-788-7301