The Surrey Minor Hockey Association Executive Council elections are scheduled to take place on Thursday, March 31, 2022.

As per our bylaws, a slate of candidates was listed and communicated to our membership.  That slate did not include candidates for the positions of VP1, VP3, and Treasurer and hence these positions were vacant.

Subsequent to this slate being posted and sixteen days before the election date, as per our bylaws, respective SMHA members contacted the Nominations Committee to nominate additional candidates and, in turn, these candidates have accepted/confirmed their nomination to the 2022 SMHA Nominations Committee.  One candidate was nominated for each of the vacant positions with the final result as follows:





President  JEFF SHELTON By Acclamation
Vice President 1   SHAWN McMULLIN By Acclamation
Vice President 2 PATRICK CHAN By Acclamation
Vice President 3 STEVE GAUTHIER By Acclamation
Vice President 4 JANIK HUNDAL  By Acclamation
Treasurer GURPAL SIEKHAM By Acclamation
Secretary TUYET NGO By Acclamation


Due to only one candidate confirmed for each of the positions, the election will take place by acclamation only on March 31, 2022 at 7:00pm.   SMHA will host an announcement to officially confirm the members of the SMHA Executive Council for the next two seasons.


2022 SMHA Nominations Committee